Customised services for your success

A significant foundation of Gerd Loeffler’s profession as a managerial coach, is his experience from practice as manager and in management coaching. As a result, he offers you individual services.

The participants of Gerd Loeffler come from different organisational levels, branches and countries.


Language: German and English

Individual coaching sessions and business coaching

Holistic view

This form of Coaching takes place within a non-hierarchical and confidential surrounding. Together we work step-by-step and therefore maintain our own pace and "language". The setting offers the opportunity, together with the coach to:

  • Explore challenging topics
  • Develop and guide possibilities for action
  • Initiate decision making
  • Find orientation
  • Discover potentials and apply them purposefully and targeted

The scope and location of the coaching sessions will be discussed and arranged individually.

Managerial leadership development, Team development and team analysis

Steer team dynamics, boost identification and motivation, shape feedback

Managerial leadership development
Whether it is for your next young managers or for experienced senior:
In programmes with a range of modules or whether it is integrated within other schemes:

We deal with various matters/topics such as:

  • Adaptation and implementation of strategic company goals within the own area of responsibility
  • Development of feedback and communication
  • Self-management, promotion of individual and group potential
  • Exploration and monitoring of conflict situations
  • Work-life balance, time management, Burn-out prevention
  • Development of executive leadership methods
  • Taking on, encourage and challenge self-responsibility


Team development and team analysis

Managers as well as team members are key players for the success in teams. The more markets demand agile behaviour of companies the more team work is put forward. This is acknowledged by many studies and most recently confirmed by a study from Google.

Together with your team we will reflect on the dynamics of group behaviour as well as explore and reach team potential. We will reflect and develop communicational patterns in a team and therefore strengthen cooperation. Diverse feedback processes are the basis for this.


We are also capable to determine team roles and patterns and analyse the team by using a team development online process. This approach strengthens team development and also the feedback process.

You will find more information to the online-based process here:
Strategic talent management: competence management and suitability diagnostics.

Organisational development / change management

And in any case: no team development action without individual clarification in advance.

Process support and monitoring of implementing strategies and change projects

Identify and steer contexts and causalities

Executives, project managers and teams go through several phases from the first idea for a strategy, to the project task, finally to the target. Within this process of implementation, unknown and influencing factors often come up, which causes turbulence.
Executives and project teams play a key role in corporate change processes. They are the link between the "Old" and "New".
Corporate changes are often characterised by underlying fear and resistance from staff. Only those who know and understand the dynamics of change can use this resistance productively, and can effectively influence and channel the resistance to chance in order to bring positive change.

Reasons for organizational development could be strategic realignments, integration of acquisition projects, development of mission statements and common visions, fusions, abandoning business areas, company culture issues and much more.

Gerd Loeffler and his network partners support and monitor the project team and the executives as an external "sparring partner" during the different phases.

The support and actions ranges from consulting sessions during the entire process, to workshops, coaching, conflict moderation, large group events and kick-off meetings/events.

Agile transformations

Agility is more than methodical expertise

Gerd Loeffler and his partner network possess a broad range of experience in transforming classic company structures and cultures to agile organisations.

Agile forms of work such as scrum, design, thinking and others make a valuable contribution for attractive, future-oriented and sustainable "self-organised" organisations. However, the forms of work in itself do not create an agile organisation. An entirely "new" understanding of the organisations’ entities is necessary. And it doesn’t matter whether or not your company is a start-up or already an established business organisation.

Companies find themselves in more complex and dynamically fast and rapidly changing market surroundings. Classical organisational forms and traditional understandings of management and team-work no longer achieve the sufficient performance in agile company forms. The necessity of self-organisation, self-responsibility, new thinking and action patterns are required.

Strategic talent management, competence management and suitability diagnostic

Companies who focus on talent management will be more successful in the future

In the future there will be talents and high potentials. The question is whether they will work in your company.
Together with you, we will develop or update your talent management strategy process. Starting by determining your middle and long-term talent needs, it considers important influential factors and framework conditions as well as for instance the cultural surrounding, the company’s vision and company strategy. We define the essential differentiated target potentials like for example work motivations, performance styles and behavioural styles. Together we hereby conclude the talent management strategy and all necessary actions (personal choosing processes, personal development measures, on-going evaluation etc.). We will accompany and support you in implementing your strategy.

In order to identify potentials in a reliable and differentiated way, the psycho-motoric online assessments provide additional transparency and therefore a high use for coaching, seminars and other election processes.

Gerd Loeffler is accredited for three international established online assessments. All three instruments comply with high quality criteria, they are evaluated scientifically and are accessible in up to 30 languages. The online assessments are fast and efficient, they provide a variety of data and they generate a line of reports.

Talent Q – measures personality and performance
(from Hay-Group/Korn Ferry, Frankfurt am Main)

CAPTain-Online – measures personality
(from CNT-society, Hamburg)

ProfilDynamics© – measures motives, values and drivers
(ProfilDynamics© GmbH Hamburg)

By using these instruments, quality and effectiveness can be increased significantly.

Business Moderation and Presentations

To get from script to moderation and finally to presentation the following applies: from practice for the use of practice

For a business-moderation, together with you, Gerd Loeffler designs a “script” before the event.

Business moderations are appropriate:

  • At conferences
  • At future workshops and big group events
  • When you as a leader of the event want to focus on the content and not on the form
  • At events with conflict potential
  • At client events

If applicable, Gerd Loeffler will advise you personally about the current presentation topics. The presentations always reflect his consultancy practice, they don’t present a collection of scientific study results.